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Prison Break:The Classified FBI Files

Breaking Out Was Just The Beginning....

When Michael Scofield robs a bank in broad daylight, he has a plan -- to get sent to Fox River State Penitentiary where his brother, Lincoln Burrows, sits on death row. As a structural engineer with hidden, int

Now, the files the FBI has been keeping on the fugitives, the prison break, and the subsequent manhunt are finally revealed. This classified and highly sensitive information includes:

  • Comprehensive profiles of the fugitives, accomplices, and prison personnel


  • Photographs of Michael Scofield\'s intricate tattoo and in-depth analysis of the information it contains


  • Schematics of Fox River Penitentiary and a detailed reconstruction of the escape plan


  • Reproductions of source material, including newspaper clippings, family photographs, and documents retrieved from Scofield\'s hard drive


  • An update on the manhunt for the Fox River escapees, including eyewitness interviews and known fugitive sightings


  • Postings from a mysterious blog about the conspiracy surrounding Burrows, which allegedly reaches the highest levels of government


Packed with full-color photos and in-depth, original content that fans won\'t find anywhere else, Prison Break: The Classified FBI Files is the ultimate insider look at one of the most daring and inventive shows on TV.


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