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Aquavideo: Locating Underground Water : A Complete Dowsing Metho

Here in Aquavideo, Cameron considered one of the great Dowsing Masters of modern times, reveals his inner-most secrets. He lifts the veil of superstition, while exploding Dowsing fallacies. Learn to locate hidden sources of water, oil, treasure, metals, p

Learn to read signs leading to underground ojos, interconnecting circles, ovals and rectangular fissures (those mysterious clusters), geysers, cold springs, ascending primary waters, mineral and hot springs.

Learn to detect sub-surface obstructions, dikes, angular rifts, and water-bearing earthquake faults.

Learn how to use the wand or rod - as distinguished from the Forked-Switch, Pendulum, Water Compass, Cameron Aurameter, the "Witness", and a wide variety of water-locating doodlebugs.

Cameron explains the relationship between Dowsing and Radiesthesia; the nature of strange "Devil Rings," Noxious Earth Rays and much, much more.


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