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Book Pages: 370 - Publish Date: 1972 - Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Description: This book fills an important need as an introduction for non-specialists to the basic elements of the very complex problems of the population explosion. It presents 33 articles and extracts by various authorities, and additional essays by the editor, grouped in three sections. Part 1 presents some of the more important information necessary to an examination of the problems; Part II considers the roots of the present population crisis in terms of births and deaths, and the implications of the present rate of growth; and Part III considers solutions.
Author(s): Alison Bashford
Book Pages: 512 - Publish Date: 2014-01-28 - Publisher: Columbia University Press
Description: Concern about the size of the world's population did not begin with the "population bomb" in 1968. It arose in the aftermath of World War I and was understood as an issue with far-reaching ecological, agricultural, economic, and geopolitical consequences. The world population problem concerned the fertility of soil as much as the fertility of women, always involving both "earth" and "life." Global...
Author(s): Rajendra K. Sharma
Book Pages: 312 - Publish Date: 2004 - Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist
Description: This Book Covers Syllabi Of Various Universities In Sociology In The Papers Entitled : Demography; Social Demography; Population Studies; Population Problems; Vital Statistics In India Etc. Analytic Presentation Of Data Derived From Authentic Sources; Holistic Approach To Controversial Problems; Simple And Easy Narration With Examples From Indian Circumstances And Questions For Exercise At The End...
Author(s): Thomas Robertson
Book Pages: 317 - Publish Date: 2012-05-07 - Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Description: Although Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1962) is often cited as the founding text of the U.S. environmental movement, in The Malthusian Moment Thomas Robertson locates the origins of modern American environmentalism in twentieth-century adaptations of Thomas Malthus’s concerns about population growth. For many environmentalists, managing population growth became the key to unlocking the most i...
Book Pages: 72 - Publish Date: 1950 - Publisher: Unknown
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Book Pages: 60 - Publish Date: 1965 - Publisher: Unknown
Description: None
Author(s): James J. Norris
Book Pages: 64 - Publish Date: 1961 - Publisher: Unknown
Description: Is the world really overcrowded? - Can the world feed its millions? - Facts behind the Bishop's statement. - Catholic view of population control. - Relieving the world's suffering. -Psychological effects of birth control. - Divine providence and family planning. -.
Book Pages: 66 - Publish Date: 1985 - Publisher: American Enterprise Institute Press
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Book Pages: 70 - Publish Date: 1986 - Publisher: Unknown
Description: None
Book Pages: 442 - Publish Date: 1930 - Publisher: Unknown
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