Book Title: Bitcoin
Description: 'Bitcoin is one of the most important innovations of our time - it will transform the way we do business. Dominic Frisby has written a great account. Read it and glimpse into the future' -Sir Richard Branson In 2008, while the world was busy panicking about the global financial crisis, a computer programmer called Satoshi Nakamoto posted a message on an out-of-the-way mailing list. 'I've been working on a new electronic cash system, ' he said. 'It might make sense to get some just in case it catches on.' Nobody seemed to care. But what he had programmed would become the world's most famous alternative currency: Bitcoin. Economists, anarchists, speculators, computer coders, libertarians, criminals and entrepreneurs were inspired across the world. Early adopters would make a return two milli...
สอบถามราคาพร้อมรับประกันการจัดส่งถึงบ้าน by คลิ๊กที่นี่
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Author(s): Dominic Frisby
Publisher(s): Unbound
Publish Date: 2015-01-15
Book Pages: 304
Industry Identifier: ISBN_10: 1783521023
Subjects: Unknown
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Width: 12.70 cm
Thickness: 1.70 cm
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